Cloud & DevOps

Productivity Apps

A complete solution to deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams and complex threat environment. It can handle:

  • BYOD Security
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Storage
  • Compliance
  • Analytics

Enterprise Business Solutions

Orient helps you to make your business smart and efficient, with its proven Enterprise Business Solutions.

Orient deals with visionary ERP products like Epicor that are simple to use and flexible to suit to your business. You could deploy these solutions on cloud / virtual / on premise - with the ability to access them across multiple range of devices that you use. The solutions can be offered either as end-to-end or focused on a particular need.


Business applications can do more than record transactions and provide reports. ERPs can make enterprises efficient, provide you insights about your business, and help you collaborate within & outside. ERPs can save time, effort, money and can be the best backbone for your business to transform IT to business benefits.

Orient specializes in building mobile applications in time and has built mobile development platform called QUICKFORMZ to enable fast development of complex mobile applications.

Mobility can truly enable your business without boundaries. It eliminates location boundaries and harnesses more collaboration across your stakeholders. Orient specializes in mobile technologies that enable your existing business apps in a secure environment and at the same time providing you reliable & speedy performance.

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing offers enterprises the capability, flexibility, granularity, simplicity & choice of IT assets. Providing scalability-on-demand, it can scale up and scale down by choice and the cost of IT is proportional to the utilised capacity. Not only that, the IT is highly optimised offering them speed, security & reliability. All this on a pay-as-you-use basis



Cloud computing comes in various flavours. Orient provides options to customers on be it Data Center-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service from leading cloud service providers such as IO Systems, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft. Orient also offers SAAS for CRM, HRM, Email, Office and HCM



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