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Enterprise Mobility Solution – Quikformz has a range of mobility app solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your businesses. To find out more about how enterprise mobility solution – quikformz can drive your workforce’s flexibility

Enterprise mobility solution – Quikformz
A single mobility solution which can serve various enterprise app requirements is our enterprise mobility solution – Quikformz. ‘Quikformz’ functions on EMaaS (enterprise mobility as a service) and provides best in class mobility applications on a single platform.



In face of changing work environment, growing number of companies are adopting enterprise mobility solution as ‘best practices’. While talking about enterprise mobility solutions, the obvious questions which come to mind are –

- Is my workforce ready to adopt the empirical change which will come by implementing any Enterprise Mobility solution?
- What kind of operational issues might arise by using Enterprise Mobility solution?
- How information will be passing from mobile to the backend ERP of the company?
- How smoothly mobile handset application and backend ERP of my company can be integrated together?
- Is there any data security threat in the whole process?

A simple answer to these questions is our Enterprise Mobility solution – ‘Quikformz‘, which is way beyond a mobile application. It is a comprehensive tool to synchronised reporting from mobile devices to the company’s backend ERP system.






'Quikformz' works on open standard which makes it easy to integrate with any technology of your preference. The application's dynamic nature gives flexibility to design decisions rather than forcing in-built workflows.

'Quikformz' is built on Multitier architecture, which complies with today's Enterprises. Integration capabilities of quikformz using web service API's allow inter-operates with other systems. 'Quikformz' supports a variety of hardware and application server options.

'Quikformz' Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivers application to user as soon as the mobile device is functional. All software hardware chaos is managed seamlessly so that user can focus on business.

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