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Everything about Amazon Web Services & Its Importance.

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services as aws services in mumbai -- now commonly known as cloud computing. Now if someone search for the aws full form, the he/she may get the whole information about amazon web services. But one of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business. With the Cloud, businesses no longer need to plan for and procure servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can instantly spin up hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes and deliver results faster. And we at orient technologies do the same i.e. aws service provider in india. And nowadays if you look at the top cloud companies in mumbai 2022, you will get Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. With data center locations in the U.S., India, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, and Australia, customers across all industries are taking advantage of the following benefits:

Low Cost

AWS offers aws cloud services in india at low, pay-as-you-go pricing with no up-front expenses or long-term commitments. We are able to build and manage a global infrastructure at scale, and pass the cost saving benefits onto you in the form of lower prices. With the efficiencies of our scale and expertise, we have been able to lower our prices on 15 different occasions over the past four years. Visit the Economics Center to learn more. If you look at rapyder glassdoor, then you will get to know about that they are the top cloud service provider in mumbai india.

Agility and Instant Elasticity

AWS provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows you to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate. Instead of waiting weeks or months for hardware, you can instantly deploy new applications, instantly scale up as your workload grows, and instantly scale down based on demand. Whether you need one virtual server or thousands, whether you need them for a few hours or 24/7, you still only pay for what you use. Visit the Architecture Center to learn more. Rapyder mumbai provides the best aws services at the most affordable cost in mumbai india.

Open and Flexible

AWS is a language and operating system agnostic platform. You choose the development platform or programming model that makes the most sense for your business. You can choose which services you use, one or several, and choose how you use them. This flexibility allows you to focus on innovation, not infrastructure. Rapyder funding is one of the most leading it service provider company in mumbai india. You can also download rapyder logo from search engine and research it for the further clarification.


AWS is a secure, durable technology platform where industry experts at orient technologies provide aws cloud service providers in mumbai with industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and SOC 1 (formerly referred to as SAS 70 and/or SSAE 16) and SOC 2 audit reports. Our services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data. Visit the Security Center to learn more.


As Orient Technologies are the top aws partners in mumbai. The AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to launch your application regardless of your use case or industry. Learn more about popular solutions customers are running on AWS:

* Application Hosting Use reliable, on-demand infrastructure to power your applications, from hosted internal applications to SaaS offerings. * Websites Satisfy your dynamic web hosting needs with AWS’s scalable infrastructure platform. * Backup and Storage Store data and build dependable backup solutions using AWS’s inexpensive data storage services. * Enterprise IT Host internal- or external-facing IT applications in AWS's secure environment. * Content Delivery Quickly and easily distribute content to end users worldwide, with low costs and high data transfer speeds. * Databases Take advantage of a variety of scalable database solutions, from hosted enterprise database software or non-relational database solutions.

How AWS works

Orient technologies also perform as an aws cloud partner in mumbai. As AWS is separated into different services; each can be configured in different ways based on the user's needs. Users should be able to see configuration options and individual server maps for an AWS service.


Amazon Web Services provides services from dozens of data centers spread across availability zones (AZs) in regions across the world. An AZ is a location that contains multiple physical data centers. A region is a collection of AZs in geographic proximity connected by low-latency network links. If you want to experience aws services then contact orient technologies as they are the best aws cloud reseller in mumbai to deal with. A business will choose one or multiple availability zones for a variety of reasons, such as compliance and proximity to end customers. For example, an AWS customer can spin up virtual machines (VMs) and replicate data in different AZs to achieve a highly reliable infrastructure that is resistant to failures of individual servers or an entire data center. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a service that provides virtual servers -- called EC2 instances -- for compute capacity. The EC2 service offers dozens of instance types with varying capacities and sizes, tailored to specific workload types and applications, such as memory-intensive and accelerated-computing jobs. AWS also provides an Auto Scaling tool to dynamically scale capacity to maintain instance health and performance. If you are looking for aws cloud computing services mumbai then contact orient technologies for the best IT services in mumbai india.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides scalable object storage for data backup, collection and analytics. An IT professional stores data and files as S3 objects -- which can range up to 5 gigabytes (GB) -- inside S3 buckets to keep them organized. A business can save money with S3 through its Infrequent Access storage tier or by using Amazon Glacier for long-term cold storage. If you're searching for cloud services then visit for the best aws web hosting services mumbai. Amazon Elastic Block Store provides block-level storage volumes for persistent data storage when using EC2 instances. Amazon Elastic File System offers managed cloud-based file storage. A business can also migrate data to the cloud via storage transport devices, such as AWS Snowball and Snowmobile, or use AWS Storage Gateway to enable on-premises apps to access cloud data.

Databases, Data management

The Amazon Relational Database Service -- which includes options for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and a proprietary high-performance database called Amazon Aurora -- provides a relational database management system for AWS users. AWS also offers managed NoSQL databases through Amazon DynamoDB. An AWS customer can use Amazon ElastiCache and DynamoDB Accelerator as in-memory and real-time data caches for applications. Amazon Redshift offers a data warehouse, which makes it easier for data analysts to perform business intelligence (BI) tasks.

Migration, hybrid cloud

AWS includes various tools and services designed to help users migrate applications, databases, servers and data onto its public cloud. The AWS Migration Hub provides a location to monitor and manage migrations from on premises to the cloud. Once in the cloud, EC2 Systems Manager helps an IT team configure on-premises servers and AWS instances. Amazon also has partnerships with several technology vendors that ease hybrid cloud deployments. VMware Cloud on AWS brings software-defined data center technology from VMware to the AWS cloud. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Amazon EC2 is the product of another partnership, extending Red Hat's operating system to the AWS cloud.


An Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) gives an administrator control over a virtual network to use an isolated section of the AWS cloud. AWS automatically provisions new resources within a VPC for extra protection. Rapyder cloud solutions at rapyder also provides networking solutions to give your business an administrator control over a virtual network. Admins can balance network traffic with the Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service, which includes the Application Load Balancer and Network Load Balancer. AWS also provides a domain name system called Amazon Route 53 that routes end users to applications. An IT professional can establish a dedicated connection from an on-premises data center to the AWS cloud via AWS Direct Connect.

Management and Monitoring

An admin can manage and track cloud resource configuration via AWS Config and AWS Config Rules. Those tools, along with AWS Trusted Advisor, can help an IT team avoid improperly configured and needlessly expensive cloud resource deployments. AWS provides several automation tools in its portfolio. An admin can automate infrastructure provisioning via AWS CloudFormation templates, and also use AWS OpsWorks and Chef to automate infrastructure and system configurations. An AWS customer can monitor resource and application health with Amazon CloudWatch and the AWS Personal Health Dashboard, as well as use AWS CloudTrail to retain user activity and API calls for auditing.

Security and Governance

AWS provides a range of services for cloud security, including AWS Identity and Access Management, which allows admins to define and manage user access to resources. An admin can also create a user directory with Amazon Cloud Directory, or connect cloud resources to an existing Microsoft Active Directory with the AWS Directory Service. Additionally, the AWS Organizations service enables a business to establish and manage policies for multiple AWS accounts. Amazon Web Services has also introduced tools that automatically assess potential security risks. Amazon Inspector analyzes an AWS environment for vulnerabilities that might impact security and compliance. Amazon Macie uses machine learning (ML) technology to protect sensitive cloud data. AWS also includes tools and services that provide software- and hardware-based encryption, protect against DDoS attacks, provision Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates and filter potentially harmful traffic to web applications. The AWS Management Console is a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) for AWS. The Management Console can be used to manage resources in cloud computing, cloud storage and security credentials. The AWS Console interfaces with all AWS resources.

AWS pricing models and competition

AWS offers a pay-as-you-go model for its cloud services, either on a per-hour or per-second basis. There is also an option to reserve a set amount of compute capacity at a discounted price for customers who prepay in whole, or who sign up for one- or three-year usage commitments. If potential customers can’t afford the costs, then AWS Free Tier is another possible avenue for using AWS services. AWS Free Tier allows users to gain first-hand experience with AWS services for free; they can access up to 60 products and start building on the AWS platform. Free Tier is offered in three different options: always free, 12 months free and trials. AWS competes primarily with Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM in the public IaaS market. At Orient Technologies, we are also aws managed service provider in mumbai india. And if you are looking for the best cloud computing services mumbai, contact us @ orient technologies mumbai india and check out what we have to offer you at the best. Stay tuned for more information.

September, 2022

Amazon Web Services & Why Is It So Productive?

Amazon Web Organizations (AWS), the cloud platform introduced by Inc (AMZN), has transformed into a giant component of the e-commerce business portfolio. In the second quarter of 2021, AWS got a record $14.8 billion in net sales, addressing just over 13% of Amazon's total net sales. Having filled steadily in the 30% area the past several quarters, AWS is a pioneer to other cloud computing platforms like competitor Microsoft Azure.

So What Is AWS Exactly?

AWS is contained of different cloud computing products and services. The significantly profitable division of Amazon gives servers, storage, networking, remote handling, email, flexible development, and security. AWS can be broken into three crucial things: EC2, Amazon's virtual machine service, Glacier, a minimal cloud storage service, and S3, Amazon's storing system. AWS is so gigantic and present in the computing world that it's far overwhelmed its competitors. An independent analyst reports that AWS has more than third of the market at 32.4%, with Azure following behind at 20%, and Google Cloud at 9%. AWS has 81 accessibility zones in which its servers are found. These serviced regions are isolated to allow users to define geographical boundaries on their services (if they so choose), yet also to give security by expanding the physical regions wherein data is held. All things considered, AWS crosses 245 countries and areas.

Cost Savings

Jeff Bezos has compared Amazon Web Services to the service associations of the mid 1900s. Surprisingly long time back, a factory requiring power would build its own power plant when the factories were able to buy power from a public utility, the need for costly private electric plants subsided. AWS is endeavoring to move associations away from physical computing technology and onto the cloud. Generally, associations looking for a great amount of storage would need to genuinely build a storage space and keep up with it. Storing on a cloud could mean denoting a large amount of storage space that the association would be capable "develop into". Building or buying too little storage could be disastrous that the business took off and exorbitant if it didn't. Similar applies to computing power. Associations that experience flood traffic would generally end up buying stacks of capacity to help their business during active times. On off-peak times - tax accountants for example - enrolling impact lays unused, yet costing the firm money. With AWS, associations pay for what they use (pay-as-you-go). There's no upfront cost to develop a storage system and no need to estimate usage. AWS users use what they need and their costs are scaled normally and suitably.

Flexible and Adaptable

Since AWS's cost is changed considering the customers usage, startups and small associations can see the prominent benefits of including Amazon for their computing needs. Indeed, AWS is ideally suited for building a business from the bottom as it gives all the tools vital to associations to start up with the cloud. For existing associations, Amazon gives low-cost migration benefits with the objective that your ongoing establishment can be seamlessly moved over to AWS. As an association grows, AWS gives resources for assist with expansion. As the business model allows for adaptable use, customers will not at any point need to contribute energy considering whether they need to reconsider their computing use. Believe it or not, aside from budgetary reasons, associations could realistically "set and neglect" all their computing needs.

Security and Reliability

Apparently, Amazon Web Services is essentially safer than an association working with its own website or storage. AWS at this point has numerous data centers across the globe that are continuosly monitored and strictly maintained. The upgrade of the data centers ensures that a disaster striking one region doesn't cause permanent data loss worldwide. Imagine in the event that Netflix some way or another figured out how to have its staff reports, content, and backed-up data centralized on-site on the eve of a typhoon. Disorder would result. Actually, confining data in an easily identifiable region and where numerous people can sensibly get access is hasty. AWS has endeavored to keep its data centers as hidden as posible, tracking down them in distant regions and allowing access simply on an essential basis. The data centers and all of the data contained in that are shielded from interferences, and, with Amazon's contribution in cloud services, power outages and potential attacks can be promptly identified and easily relieved, 24 hours a day. The same can't be said for a small association whose handling is managed by a singular IT specialist working out of a colossal office.

Analysis of AWS

While the success of AWS is unquestionable, critics of the service say Amazon is abusing its control of the market slice by participating in anti-competitive behavior. This investigation has come from open-source data base makers who ensure Amazon is copying and consolidating software that was at first made by other tech associations. One such association, Flexible, recorded a case against Amazon for allegedly violating trademark laws. A declaration conveyed by the association ensures "Amazon's behavior is clashing with the guidelines and values that are especially critical in the open-source eco-system."

The Conclusion

Amazon Web Services is a cash cow for Amazon. The services are working up the computing world in the same way that Amazon is changing America's retail space. By assessing its cloud products extremely cheaply, Amazon can offer affordable and flexible services to everyone from the latest start-up to a Fortune 500 association across the globe.
To drive business esteem from the cloud, you need to re-evaluate your drive, and accomplish something beyond cloud projects. You need a comprehensive way to deal with your cloud change. At Orient Technologies with our skills and experience, you can utilize the speed, scale and financial matters of the Amazon Web Services while keeping away from normal traps.

Mr Pradeep Pillai
(Chief Cloud Practitioner)

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