July, 2022

Building A Profitable Cloud Strategy

Nowadays people and associations are shifting to cloud computing services to store data and access applications. Cloud-based storage is made to grow efficiency, speed, without downtime and securly while saving information through a remote connection. But cloud computing is more than just accessing business data from a virtual space. An association should keep a cost-effective information management system that will help them during the performance testing and development process. Given the increasing popularity of cloud computing services, an association can reap a lot of benefits with a productive cloud strategy from the right cloud provider.

Factors to Consider in Creating a Cloud Strategy:

What are the things you need to keep in mind while coordinating cloud computing into your IT strategy?

Understanding Cloud

Cloud is the ability to use service ready to use configured , compliant and secure (compute, memory, storage, application, security, networking, streams, bigdata, datalake, dr, backup .. 250 odd services) with only what is required and plan for scaling up , down or turn off when not required.

Classify your Applications

Using different social affairs and categories engages you to figure out applications depending on their significance and requirements. You can describe them according to these properties:

  • Capacities to compare – study applications based on their usefulness and effectiveness.

  • Management products – classified according to their relativeness and value to the association.

  • Business taking care of utilizations use for isolating and uncovering – apps necessary for outlining the business operation.

  • Software model record and specifications - serve as a sort of the application progress and actions as per your association's need.

Establish your Security Needs

As associations plan to advance to the cloud, centralized security is fundamental to avoid unapproved data access, breaks, and various risks. To reduce security risks and challenges, here are the common practices that can work for every association:

Establish your Encryption Needs

Key Based encryption is fundamental to protect the data from unauthorized persons including people inside a organization. Key rotation is a complex process and requires process which are standardized to ensure data access is not bricked. In cloud this becomes just a few clicks along with CMK (keys are made by customer and a public key is shared to encrypt data). Use the “Security as Code” or DevOps practices. This integrates proactive checking and communication across different departments. Sending automation. Involves fuse, testing, and continuous checking with less human mediation from delivery to plan. SECOPS ensure security device has new rules and old rules are archived as per the dynamic threat landsacpe. A united organization is an operation that involves multiple technology domains in a single stage and a blend of data and its convenience to the business.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITSM is connected to deciding courses and procedures regarding the management of your on-premises and off-premises data center applications and incorporates change and asset management. Understand your requirement before finding the right cloud provider that would help you with your ITSM methodology.

Ask Questions to your Cloud Provider

Don’t hesitate to ask for detailed information about your cloud provider’s security programs. To get your association's data, have a wide approach in terms of the provider’s financial status, business life span, customer satisfaction rate, and contingency plans. Pick a cloud data provider who has express terms and conditions in any case of financial failure.

What is the Purpose of a Cloud Strategy?

  • Determine the risk and end results of utilizing tools/programming provided by external sources.

  • Encourage security and protection to cut down threats to data privacy, production costs, and resource extraction and usage.

  • Establish policies and governance across your association's environment, management, and services.

  • Recognize the appropriate services for public and internal consumption provided by your cloud assistant.

  • Present critical benefits from the cloud service consumption adopted by your association.

Ways to Create a Successful Cloud Strategy

List down your Corporate Aims and Objectives

To begin with, recognize the continuous system and mechanical techniques implemented in your association to know the overall corporate goal and key factors for cloud gathering. Record the needs, challenges, and targets per business unit, and rank the complexity levels for each objective. This may include performance development, practical concerns, finance dealing, and others.

Study the Readiness of the Company

The initiation of new technologies requires an assessment to choose whether your association fits the criteria or not. The evaluation takes a look at every association's security and availability in general while making sure they a have continuity and an execution plan, security consistence, and trustworthy internal IT services.

Pick the Right Cloud Model

You can do this by basically recognizing your preferred location for data and structure. Here are the four kinds of cloud model you can choose from: Public – Standard model and on-demand. Open for each kind of user yet associated with a substantial risk if misconfigured. Private – Also called as “internal cloud” which is used exclusively for one association. Induction to the structure and associations are given only to a specific business entity. However, it has a limited capacity under 1,000 users. Hybrid – A mix of the private and public model that gives more flexibility in workloads locally. It also requires a huge proportion of investment with proper hardware support. Community – Accessed by a specific group that shares similar computing cloud concerns in terms of protection, justification, and compliance. Its collaborative set-up calls into question the model’s accountability and control system.

Establish Strong Communication Plan

To convey your cloud method effectively, make sure all staff completely understand its benefits and importance. You can attract with everyone through different channels to inform them of the strategy and execution. For larger associations, you can assign a representative to share your technique and other challenges related with it.

Implement Low-Risk Cloud Strategy

Part of your cloud strategy should be low risk but has the potential to make an association successful and profitable. In the IT industry, associations equipped with strategic planning and stable performance can unlock business availability and achieve powerful digital transformation with long-term value.


One of the key features is monitoring all usages as everything is billed and everything is monitored and logged. The storage of monitoring and anomaly detection is a key to keeping a healthy usage of resource. Orient Technologies has years of experience and expertise to provide our customers with a cloud assessment and provide better solutions for office servers. Our cloud services will enable an organization to get hold of what they need promptly, cost-effectively, and flexibly. Using our advanced cloud services will allow each individual in the organization to access services anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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