Group Veritas

Customer Profile

Group Veritas at GV they rely on their vast experience as a global conglomerate to achieve consistent growth and enrichment. They serve into

  • Trade Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Alternate Fuel & Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure & Logistic
  • Agro Venture & Biotechnology

Customer’s Challenges

  • The existing infrastructure was old and undergoing multiple downtimes. The Microsoft Windows OS 2008, Windows MS SQL 2008, Microsoft Exchange 2008 required an upgrade. The customer was also looking for a cloud-only outlook for their future business.
  • IT Department facing administrative cost, the burden of procurement, service provider management, and Support for technical issues, etc.
  • Data Security and encryption were desired but it was a challenge as the existing environment was outdated and already affected by ransomware.

The cost was not based on usage, thus leading to recurring costs of infrastructure creation, monitoring, and management.

Orient Solution

Orient proposed AWS Amazon Webservice as their solution portfolio to address customer challenges. Orient studied the existing infrastructure of the customer and using AWS best practices provide right-sized in terms of compute & storage own AWS. Orient also migrated and upgraded their Microsoft SQL 2008 to 2014, which improved manageability for SQL Server using pre-configured parameters. Log shipping was also used to make SQL Server highly available. Existing applications and Citrix server were migrated as it is on AWS due to code dependency of applications using Cloud Endure as a replication tool. Orient also leveraged EC2 AMI Backup functionality using AWS Lambda. Data addressed &  backed up data was encrypted using EBS encryption and those unencrypted keys managed by AWS. Orient also migrated their Microsoft Exchange, Database, Application to AWS as required following AWS Best practices

Result Achieved

MS SQL on AWS gave high performance, reliability as well as high availability using log shipping. AWS VPC deployment for MS SQL enhances isolation and security also help in isolating database instance from application. Fortinet Firewall as an additional solution used to prevent unauthorized access to AWS Environment. Cloud watch alarms were used to notify specified concerns like CPU usage and memory consumption.


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