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Microsoft’s Office 365 is one the most essential and efficient software tools used by the businesses and enterprise for managing their workforce in the cloud and there are n numbers of microsoft authorised distributors in mumbai who sell these software tools as a reseller. Today, we are witnessing nail-biting competition in the business world, so companies are finding simple and economical ways, which not only manage the data in the cloud but also integrated with data security systems and also authorized microsoft licensing distributors india are trying to sell the products at the most affordable cost to the corporate companies. Office 365 is equipped with all these features and considers as a single stop for all the comprehensive solution. From email, data sharing, calendars, conferencing to analytics, it can easily access and from anytime and anyplace. All in One Productivity Tool for Business by microsoft authorized reseller list: This is a premier product from Microsoft family, which is one of the biggest IT giants across the globe. They have used this product in-house before launching it in front of the world. There are computer software dealers in mumbai who can resell you these solutions at the best rates. It comes with so many interesting and useful features such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Facebook is also using Office 365. Here we have picked up 10 points showcasing you the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for small scale businesses.

1. Access Anytime, Anywhere

This is one more fantastic feature of Microsoft Office 365. It allows you to access your emails, docs, calendar and contacts on any of the devices such as iPhone, PCs, Mac computers, Blackberry, and Android phones. You can also work from any location at any time so that you could not miss the important notifications.There are many microsoft surface authorised distributors in india that outsource their products to the business owners so that they can access office 365 anytime at anywhere. It means you don't need to hurry and rush towards your office or a place which supports WiFi hotspot. If you are traveling somewhere and need to open an important document, just open your inbuilt web browser on your PC’s and manage all the work. If you are also looking to buy office solutions then there are some best ms office software dealers in mumbai you can contact to for the best software solutions.

2. Robust Email With Outlook App

Emails play a significant role in any business. Microsoft’s Office 365 has experienced in email management. With the features like 50 GB mailbox along with the attachments facilities upto 25 MB. Besides this, you can also avail the benefits of online meetings, calendaring, short messaging and files collaboration from microsoft partner mumbai. All these advanced features come at an affordable price. Microsoft's Outlook App encourages microsoft wholesale distributors for more engaging robust mail to it's users.

3. Easy To Use

One of the biggest reasons of Office 365 popularity among professionals is, it is easy to learn functionality. You don't need to learn much about complicated software, install systems or learn new methodology. People keep searching that how to become microsoft authorized reseller? from this question only we can identify that there is a high demand for resellers. What you have to do is just create a demo or trial account and start working on these amazing features in the cloud. These benefits avail by the bigger organizations.You can also log on all its application from your mobile in the office or at home.

4. Safe And Secure To Use

Office 365 is primarily built on the robust principles of security and privacy, so you don’t need to worry about security concerns of this productivity suite. Its security features include data loss prevention, customized access restrictions that help you to manage over companies data. The security part of Office 365 is its default privacy controls which deliver encryption along with multi-factor authentication that makes sure complete transparency regarding your data. Apart from this, Microsoft data centers usually scan your files and documents to secure it from spams and malicious things every day. If you're looking for the microsoft authorised distributors in bangalore the you can contact and reach out to them for the most affordable office 365 software solutions.

5. Don’t Need Advanced IT Knowledge To Learn

As we said earlier, Office 365 is easy to set up as it is specially designed for non-IT organizations. Therefore, employees do not need to acquire the advanced IT knowledge. You can easily focus on your business without over thinking about technicalities and menus. It has an online portal that helps you to learn step by step instructions on the use of the setup and how to add users. It is easy to set up an account, and your employees can quickly start getting into Office 365. You can contact any microsoft reseller near me for the best cloud solutions.

6. Flexible For Your Business

Office 365 has plans with cost effective pricing options to give flexibility in your business. It allows your users to choose among various plans according to your requirements. It will only add values to your business. Small businesses can’t afford expensive plans. Therefore Office 365 is affordable as it gives you the basic plan at $6 per month per user. You will not only get maximum features in it but also save your money. As we know, this is a Microsoft product, and this is one of the biggest brands of IT across the globe. Authorised microsoft reseller list can help you find the best and flexible services of office 365 for your business. As flexibility in both businesses and solution, you shoud hire microsoft cloud solution partners for the smooth and flexibility solutions for your company.

7. Ruthless Coordination with Identified tools

Office 365 comprises the programs which you already know and aware of them. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher are identical tools which give you ultimate features with all the required capabilities. If you can able to take higher subscription of Office 365, you will see some more advanced features such as synchronization of files with your PC; someone else can edit your documents, broadcasting your PowerPoint presentations and access online document library.

8. Collaboration

Office 365 also allows you to do collaboration inside and outside your organization. You can share your files or documents to anyone by creating a password-protected portal. You can also send instant messages or invites to anyone, even who just introduced to Office 365. It also helps you to find latest versions of files by a single location. Office 365 has generated many authorised dealer of microsoft in mumbai so that more resellers can sell more software solutions to the business owners and users.

9. Transforms you a Professional

When you are using these advanced features of Office 365, it reflects that you are serious about your business and customers. These cost efficient services allow you to set apart from those organizations, who are using free services. They are not getting quality work due to which they very soon lag behind the cut-throat competition.Office 365 helps you to enhance your branding and gives you a professional identity. Microsoft office 365 have more security that's why there are microsoft license dealers in mumbai who sell the products based on the license they get as this thing make sure that frrom whomever you are purchasing the software, it is secured and protected.

10. Money Back Guarantee

Office 365 not only work as a safeguard of your data but also has various data centers which adequately ensure your data recovery capabilities and privacy. There so a number of high-availability safeguards like power systems, servers, monitoring that provide you a money-back guarantee. It has designed to give you reliability, performance, and availability with 99.9% uptime. In markets, there are verified office 365 reseller mumbai who can sell you at the money back guarantee.

Final Words

So, these are some best out of a number of benefits that you will get with Microsoft’s Office 365. Now, you can easily understand how effective is this suite for uplifting your business. At orient technologies, we are the best microsoft authorised reseller for corporate sales in mumbai for your company. Get in touch with us today for more information.

September, 2022

7 Crucial Advantages Of Using Office 365 For Business

Productivity is so critical for business. Having the choice to make, group up and communicate flawlessly makes any association all the more remarkable. Moving towards productivity tools that engage people to deal with their jobs even more easily - and from wherever - makes associations flexible and let them to contend in their space. Office 365 is Microsoft's productivity suite with tools like Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams and more. Since Office 365 is cloud-based, the limitless experience can be accessed from wherever, on any device, as long as they're online. The tools in Office 365 complement each other and participate reliably, so it's a must-have for any business. So, here we are going to see that what are the seven key benefits of Office 365.

1. Access Documents Wherever

Office 365 grants your association to store all of the files in the cloud. This suggests they can be accessed on any device, from any region with an internet connection. For associations where mobile working is essential, being able to access all the applications and records you need when out of the working environment is invaluable.

2. Secure Cloud Storage

Office 365 is completely a strong environment with powerful security measures in place, like two-factor authentication, which ensures unauthorised people can't access your files if they wind up getting on your device. Threat Detection and anti-malware suggests security threats are recognized and stopped immediately, which is particularly important for associations that deal with data or information. Using Office 365 means your business is free to operate without any concerns for security.

3. Improved Communication

Office 365 gives users tools to keep communication centralised and clear across Skype and Outlook. Skype for Business permits you to hold conference calls and meetings with staff and outside workplaces anywhere in the world, so you can consistently collaborate and communicate regardless of distance or time contrast. Teams provides an instant messaging function where comments can be added and records moved at the same time, which is useful for cross-department collaboration and when co-authoring documents. You can also 'at' people on teams so they get a notification that a comment is pointed directly at them. This large number of features mean you can be in predictable and brief contact with teams and individuals wherever they are found and at any time. Yammer is another component of Office 365 which goes probably as a kind of social network for you association. By posting on your association 'news feed' you can instantly message the entire workforce, and staff receive an email notification when there is another post so messages aren't missed. Anyone can comment on a post, and you can make different 'channels' in Yammer for different purposes, so you don't be guaranteed to have to post to the entire association.

4. Predictable spend

Office 365 is paid for on a for a per user, per month basis, like a subscription. The cost of your licenses depends upon the level of value you choose for your business. Different enterprise levels integrate different applications and products, which coordinates the cost of each license. Paying per user, per month gives you a predictable outgoing and helps you with arranging your IT spend for the year ahead. Upgrades are associated with the cost of your licenses, so there are no frightening or additional costs. Accepting you buy your licenses through Core, you can similarly change the number of license you have at whatever point, if you enroll or people leave, for example. Like that, you are never over-licensed and there is no waste.

5. Business Intelligence

With records set aside in the cloud and reliably backed up, your association continue to operate as normal by virtue of a disaster at workplace. Notwithstanding what comes upon your physical devices, your email, files and data are safely stored in the cloud. Exchange also has recovery features which mean individual messages or even entire inboxes can be restored if important. No matter what, it will in general be business as usual if you're using Office 365.

6. Customized Upgrades

All the fundamental applications like Word, Excel and Outlook are consolidated and work online without the need to any software. Upgrades are performed automatically at predestined intervals, so you don't have to worry about being on the latest version; that will happen customized. The expense of buying new software is moreover eradicated as updates are associated with the subscription for your Office 365 licenses.

7. Centralised Collaboration

Office 365 permits you to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and adjust files persistently through collaborative tools. Sharing calendars Consequently suggests you can see who in your association is available when, so you can design meetings that work for everyone, first time round. Shared mailboxes mean different people can access the same mailbox, so messages can be isolated to land in the shared mailbox and won't be missed. SharePoint is another essential instrument for engaging collaboration. Files that are saved here can be accessed and managed by any staff member, and shared as a link in email. Various users are moreover prepared to edit records stored in SharePoint dynamically, which makes co-authoring easy. You can see who is in the document at whatever point and even where they're working thanks to little coloured flags which recognize each user.

Office 365 offers online interpretations of the most popular tools like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. For any business, the range of feaures given by Office 365 are unparalleled. The month to month enrollment model introduced for Office 365 makes it more clear for associations to buy a plan that is sensible for their size and number of users, and continue to operate as usual. At Orient Technologies, With our expertise and experience, you can exploit the speed, scale and financial matters of the Microsoft services while keeping away from normal traps. So, Get in touch with us today for more information.

Mr Rudra Gohil
(Product Manager Microsoft)

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