Tally Migration

Customer Summary:
A reputed CA firm serving a multitude of clients – ranging from international investment funds, foreign companies, domestic companies, LLPs/ firms, individuals, etc.


Business Challenges:
Customer had deployed on-premise Tally servers. During normal working days, this server was accessed by their 13 users over LAN. Due to the lockdown no users were able to travel and thus they were not able to access the server. Hence business got impacted.


Orient Solution:
Proposed moving the Tally server on cloud.

  • Our team provided them a scalable VM on cloud retaining their existing Tally licenses
  • All the 13 users were given secured access using RDP
  • Their data being critical, our team provided firewall which will allow access only to legitimate users


End Result:
By moving the tally workload on cloud, business resumed as usual even when lockdown continued. Migrating on cloud provided cost benefits.


Quick Highlights:

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Migration completed within 2 days

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Zero Business Impact

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