Customer and Challenges Name: Winsoft Infotech

  • Virtual Machine with Microsoft SQL Server which was procured from the previous Service provider came with a commitment of 2 years which led to constriction in terms of upscaling or developing on existing hardware.
  • Application query request to MS SQL 2008 took execution time up to 10-15 seconds.
  • Committed SLA by the previous service provider was 1 hour for business critical incidents but it was breached by up to 4 hrs due to the frequent internet and network outages at previous service provider’s data center.
  • Winsoft’s business was growing at a rapid rate, they could not withstand frequent SLA breaches. Hence it was not worth sticking to the existing environment or adding machines.

Proposed Solution

  • Orient analyzed the existing IT Infrastructure and proposes AWS cloud to addresses the customer challenge.
  • Upgradation to MS SQL 2014 in using log shipping technique achieve reliable and improved performance.
  • Proposed Automated Schedule Backup of the vm’s using AWS Lambda Service.
  • AWS Manage keys will be used to secure the EBS volumes and backed up data.
  • Cloudwatch will be used to monitor the infrastructure metrics.
  • WAF will be used to protect web application against common web exploits that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.
  • Role based user creation and limiting the access to least privileges.

Solution Description and Implementation:

  • Winsoft has multiple in house users connecting to their application. Users with role “Admin” helps to do the deployment and development activities.
  • An EC2 instance with windows 2012 Microsoft SQL 2014 Web Edition database and Dot Net application on MS IIS server.
  • MS SQL 2014’s in-memory processing feature helped to optimize the performance of SQL Query execution by significantly lowering execution time upto 30% i.e 7-11 seconds.
  • The cloud endpoint was secured with a WAF Fortinet ruler. The EBS storage was used with Encryption. v. Route 53 was used to route traffic and the environment made fault tolerant by using the application load balancer to balance traffic to 2 different zones.
  • The security of an environment ensured using Security groups.


  • EC2 with MS SQL 2014 + Windows 2012 used removed the lock-in of sticking to the existing environment, as there will be no commitment on AWS.
  • The system could be scaled when required to increase processing and user loads during planned intervals. Auto scaling was not required as Winsoft Technologies only had planned workloads intervals.
  • Time for any SQL query (irrespective of complexity or data requested) execution was significantly reduced by 15-20% when compared with earlier.
  • EC2-AMI snapshots (backup) in the encrypted format was completed within few minutes. v. Additionally backuped AMI Restoration to a new EC2 instance demonstrated to the customer.
  • Service level agreement met as demanded i.e 30 Mintues for Business-critical incidents which lead highly available environment in AWS with as uptime increased to 50%

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